About Us

Our Company

“We Make the Difference in Real Estate”

Global Presence

IT’S taken us years to find the right partners. We worked with many lenders who didn’t understand the programs that were available. Loan officers, underwriters and processors who didn’t understand their own guidelines for immigrant buyers. We’re proud to say we now partner with some of the best lenders in the city that offer programs that fit the needs of our costumes and we hold them to a high standard as we expect nothing but the best for our clients.

Our Commitment

As Real Estate Agents, we promise to exclusively represent the interests of the seller or buyer, who have previously given us a firm mandate for the sale or acquisition of a property.

We advise and sell real estate with professionalism, transparency and responsibility. We save our Clients time and guarantee them the best market price. We work in a personalized way and take care of the ENTIRE process, in order to achieve maximum profitability for each owner.

We put all our resources, both material and technical and human, at the service of our Clients, to whom we inform them diligently and transparently of all our activities, as well as of the answers that we obtain in the performance of said actions and of any circumstance that could affect the real estate operation in which they are immersed.

Our Vision

To provide an excellent service in the process of buying and/or selling residential properties, through our advice and personalized attention. We are founded on our experience and training in the real estate sector. Providing them peace of mind and confidence, since we work with professional ethics, honesty, discretion in all processes of sale, purchase or rental.

Our Mission

To position ourselves in the local Indianapolis market as one of the most reliable bilingual real estate options dedicated to serving our clients.  To be the best alternative for those who need the help of a professional, because we offer innovative proposals and make our clients feel completely confident, accompanied and advised throughout the process of buying, selling or renting their property.

Our values

At Lauck Real Estate our values are based on respect, commitment, responsibility, transparency, ethics and reliability towards our clients, we are a team of professionals dedicated to real estate with high performance in our work.